18 Nov 13

A Gluten-Free Stroll Down Broadway in Astoria

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Guest blogger and gluten-free expert Erin Smith guides us down a stretch of GF-friendly Astoria.  A pro at living with Celiac disease and eating gluten-free for 30+ years and counting, Erin blogs about her favorite food adventures on her popular blogs Gluten-Free Fun and Gluten-Free Globetrotter.  Check them out for more great tips!


All photos courtesy of Erin Smith.

Over the past 5 years, Astoria has become a much more gluten-free friendly place to live, eat, and shop in. With the opening of new health food stores, the expansion of produce markets, and new craft coffee and beer shops in the neighborhood, there are more gluten-free options than ever before. Let’s take a stroll down Broadway in Astoria looking for some gluten-free treats.

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Pick up a fresh juice (naturally gluten-free) and a package of gluten-free bagels to start your day. Vitality also has gluten-free baking mixes, cookies, crackers, chips, and a decent gluten-free bread selection. 
Grab a cappuccino and an egg and cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread (extra charge for GF bread). Come back later in the day to taste one of their hard apple ciders and have a gluten-free grilled cheese while listening to some live music.

At only $2.50 a pop, the tacos on corn tortillas are a bargain. Order a pollo (chicken) taco with “everything” and ask if they have any aqua frescas. 
Astoria Bier and Cheese usually as at least one or two gluten-free beers in the fridge and hard ciders too. Bring your gluten-guzzling friends with you to try the tap and bottled beers. No one will go home disappointed… or sober. Be sure to take look through the drunk photos on the iPads in the wall! It’s always good for a laugh.

This newly-expanded store has an awesome selection of regular and organic produce. Shop the aisles for your favorite gluten-free snacks from Glutino or baking mixes from Bob’s Red Mill.
If you aren’t stuffed yet from your gluten-free walk down Broadway, grab a picnic table seat at the Strand Smokehouse. According to the staff, the dry rubs are gluten-free but be sure to ask the staff to confirm. Sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and pickles should also be safe for the gluten-free smokehouse connoisseur. Wash down the amazing food with a cold hard cider on tap. 

Look but don’t touch! The gluten-filled bakery cases might be tempting, but sadly nothing in the display is gluten-free. Instead, order an ice cream sundae and a Greek frappe to satisfy your sweet tooth.