Sac's Place - Astoria

This place brings together the feeling of Italy and New York with ruddy brick walls and tall, empty bottles of red wine. Hand-painted grapevines and heavy lanterns line the east side of the exterior, which faces a quiet, overgrown street. Expect immediate warmth – I walked in to boastful hellos and broad smiles before taking a seat in the patio area, which is enclosed by large, bay windows that the waiter offered to open for me when I sat down. Go to Sac’s for the pizza – thin, but not droopy, toasty, but not scalding or burnt. Owners Anthony and Domenico Sacramone are famous for growing the restaurant’s herbs themselves at Anthony’s home in Pennsylvania. When I asked for some red pepper, the waiter handed it to me fresh in a dish with a tiny spoon. Split a 14-inch, medium cheese pie with a few friends for $15.50. If you’re still hungry for dessert, and your wallet can take it, order the ricotta cheesecake to finish – crumbly and sweet, with a thick, flaky crust. Nestled in an unassuming corner of Broadway, Sac’s has preserved its original hole-in-the-wall feel from when it opened in 1989 as a small, corner pizzeria. The Sacramone brothers have since expanded. When I asked the waiter about the history of the place, he pointed to photographs of Anthony and Domenico themselves and told me about the renovations made in 1999 of the interior, and the addition of the airy sidewalk patio. Come on Monday nights to listen to the Larry Luger Trio – they play weekly from 7:30 to 10:30, filling the room with jazz that’s (almost) as good as the smell of the baking pies. Walk in, order a slice, and join the family. Sac’s Place Restaurant 24 – 41 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106 On Broadway b/w 24th and Crescent Street 718.204.5002 Written by: Camila Kerwin (heartOFqueens writer)