Lamb is the New Pork


I am not a big lamb fan (please don’t stop reading if this statement is sacrilegious to you because I promise to redeem myself). Now I’m not a food critic by trade, but I LIVE to eat and eat WELL. I always choose pork over lamb and most times pork over chicken and beef. I can’t bring myself to do otherwise. However, after reading numerous reviews and looking at tons of food porn related to Biang! in Flushing (from the X'ian Famous Foods family), I had to have the lamb dumplings. The verdict: LOVE. I went with my grandfather, Abuelo as I call him, who was a foodie long before the overused term even existed.

We got two orders of the Spicy and Sour Lamb Dumplings, silky smooth and oozing with oil upon puncture, and then took another order home with us “for grandma.” What else we had:

Spicy Cumin Lamb Biang-Biang Noodles (photo above)

Spicy and Tingly Lamb Leg Salad

Stewed Pork Burgers (can’t quit pork cold-turkey)

Spicy and Sour Lamb Dumplings

I’m middle of the road when it comes to spice tolerance, and unfortunately the sliced lamb salad was just a little too spicy for me and I embarrassingly couldn’t stop coughing. We inhaled the very tasty Biang-Biang noodles (also spicy, but tolerable).

One great thing about eating with Abuelo is that if he likes a restaurant enough, he will plan what we will order next time even before we’re done with the meal. So, after some commiserating we decided that next time we would keep the lamb dumplings (maybe three orders!) and the biang-biang noodles and replace the pork burgers with the lamb burgers.

So, I don’t know if lamb really is the new pork in my life, but at Biang! it certainly is.

“A Finer X'ian Famous Foods Experience”
41-10 Main Street,
Flushing, NY 11355