Vaya Bags - Ridgewood, Queens


We recently met up with the Vaya Bags team at their Ridgewood, Queens storefront/workshop to get a peak at what goes into making these very cool (and practical) messenger bags. Signature bags are made mostly of recycled sailboat canvas. I had no idea sailboat canvas came in such bright colors! sailboatcanvas Vaya Bags owner, Tia, is no stranger to using recycled materials to create something new. Her father was a leather crafstman and used to make things out of leftover scraps of leather. Tia uses recycled bike tubes donated by a few bike shops in Brooklyn to add flair to some of the bags. She also has purses and other accessories that are made completely out of the recycled bike tubes. Vaya bags are perfect for riding and are completely waterproof. We want the laptop bag found here: Tia’s favorite place to ride her bike? Forest Park and Ridgewood Resevoir (on the Brooklyn-Queens border). Vaya Bags 70-08 60th Street Ridgewood, NY 11385