Museum Day in Astoria


The Museum of the Moving Image is a fun, interactive museum with eclectic exhibits and frequent movie screenings. Here’s how to make a day out of it:

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A. COFFEED 37-18 Northern Blvd

B. Museum of the Moving Image 36-01 35 Avenue

C. Cevabdzinica Sarajevo 37-18 34th Ave

D. Salon de Coffee 37-14 34th Ave

A. Coffee + Breakfast

Start your morning off with Queens-roasted coffee and a pastry from COFFEED on Northern Blvd. If you head over after 11am on Saturdays or Sundays, you can also catch the new QNS URBAN MKT featuring some great local vendors.


Try the origina bibingka from Bibingka-Esk, made with sweet rice flour and coconut milk (and get a little drizzle of caramel on top).


B. Museum

The Breaking Bad exhibit is going on now until October 27th, 2013. Although it’s cool to see things like Walt’s underwear and the family portraits that hung on the set of Walt & Skyler’s house, the exhibit is in a small corner of the museum and gets pretty crowded on the weekend.

Once you take it all in (about 5-10 minutes), be sure to spend some time perusing the rest of the exhibits and playing some vintage video games.


Right now, view the Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film, and delve into 30 “stories of cinematic craftsmanship,” including one of my favorites, Catch Me if You Can.



My other favorite thing at the museum, which is fun and makes for a unique souvenir, is the Video Flipbook. Stand in front of a white screen with some friends and make a series of movements which are taken as still photos. Have your stills printed as a flipbook when you head down to the gift shop on your way out. $10.85 for one and $15.85 for two.

C. Lunch

There’s a 5 napkin burger across the street from the museum, which has great burgers. However, if you’re looking for something delicious and different, walk an avenue and short block away to get some Bosnian food at Cevabdzinica Sarajevo.


What to order:

  • Cevapi - a type of Bosnian sausage (without casing). It’s really delicious with the bosnian bread and is served with onions and a roasted red pepper sauce.


  • Burek - a flaky savory pastry filled with either meat, cheese, or potatoes.


D. Afternoon Coffee

If you need another coffee pick-me-up, there’s a cozy new coffee shop right next to the Bosnian restaurant called Salon de Coffee.


E. Nap


Sunday dinner in Astoria…

Dinner with my dad included a delicious portobello sandwich and fried chicken sandwich from Sweet Afton and pastries to-go from Leli’s Bakery, just a short walk away!

Sweet Afton
30-09 34th Street
Astoria, NY (map)

Leli’s Bakery
35-14 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY (map)

New Obsession: Lockwood


From the moment that I got wind of Lockwood’s opening, I had a hunch that I would be obsessed.  My first visit to the shop today proved that theory to be true!


The wonderfully curated store has everything from clothing and accessories to furniture and barware.  I am in LOVE with the bar cart above, and may have to circle back to it soon to make the purchase before someone else grabs it!


I went to Lockwood to get an engagement present, and ended up getting this cute To Market Bacon Tote for $25.95 to fill with Cocktail Crate Bottled Ginger Bee Artisanal Mixers for $15.95 (made in LIC!)and Butcher Block Oil from the Cutting Board Projectfor $24.95.



I also FINALLY got a copy of Food Lover’s Guide to Queens!


My college roommate made the trip with me (thanks, Erica) to get a housewarming present for her friends who are brand new Astoria residents!  She purchased this Champagne Map Tote for $15.95 to carry the bottle of bubbly she got for them.

3215 33rd Street
Astoria, NY (map)
(718) 626-6030

The shop’s official Grand Opening Party is this Tuesday, September 10th from 6-9pm. Be there!

Where we want to eat next in Queens (for various reasons) and those who have tried them before us: 
  Venturo - Sunnyside (via  gothamist ) 
 MP Taverna - Astoria (1 star via  NYTimes ) 
  Zhu Ji Guo Tie - Flushing (fried dumplings via Abuelo)  
 Alchemy Texas - Jackson Heights (via  Edible Queens ) 
 Cascon Cheesecakes - Whitestone (via  Serious Eats )

Where we want to eat next in Queens (for various reasons) and those who have tried them before us:

  1. Venturo - Sunnyside (via gothamist)
  2. MP Taverna - Astoria (1 star via NYTimes)
  3. Zhu Ji Guo Tie - Flushing (fried dumplings via Abuelo)
  4. Alchemy Texas - Jackson Heights (via Edible Queens)
  5. Cascon Cheesecakes - Whitestone (via Serious Eats)